ByExer Analysts Explain Bitcoin Correction Following ETF Approval Speculations

In the wake of speculations surrounding the potential approval of Ethereum-based spot ETFs, investors have shifted their focus towards Ethereum and ERC20 tokens, triggering a notable impact on the broader cryptocurrency market. ByExer analysts provide insights into the recent Bitcoin correction, attributing it to the approval of ETFs and the evolving dynamics within the cryptocurrency landscape.

Specialists have observed a surge in interest in Ethereum and ERC20 tokens, particularly due to anticipations surrounding the future approval of spot Ethereum ETFs. Notably, the ETH/BTC ratio witnessed a sharp increase after hitting annual lows, signaling a reevaluation of Ethereum’s potential among investors.

“Considering the more uncertain regulatory status of Ethereum, funds based on it may face a somewhat more intricate path to approval,” forecasted industry experts. The Ethereum market’s response to regulatory uncertainties may influence the approval process for funds based on the second-largest cryptocurrency.

In the context of Circle filing for an IPO, market positions supported by the firm’s USDC stablecoin have come into focus. Despite the banking crisis last spring, the stablecoin managed to double its share in trading on centralized exchanges (CEX) to levels not seen since 2021, according to Kaiko data.

Analyzing the market, experts highlight that one of the contributing factors to this trend was the introduction of zero commissions for trading pairs with USDC by Bybit in February. By cumulative volume, the platform surpassed Binance, claiming the top position, further underscoring the growing influence of stablecoin trading in the market.

It’s worth noting that TD Cowen analysts have expressed skepticism regarding the imminent approval of spot Ethereum ETFs, introducing an additional layer of uncertainty to the market.

Earlier, analysts from 10x Research pointed out the potential risks of a Bitcoin correction towards the $38,000 mark. As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, these factors collectively contribute to the nuanced dynamics influencing market movements and investor sentiments. ByExer analysts will closely monitor these developments, providing valuable insights into the ongoing trends within the cryptocurrency market.