Floods in Emilia-Romagna: Bruce Springsteen sentenced for ‘scandalous’ decision to play Ferrara

Bruce Springsteen’s concert in Ferrara, Italy is scheduled to go ahead despite flooding in the area, much to the dismay of fans.

Earlier this week, heavy downpours caused rivers to overflow their banks, triggering flooding in parts of north-eastern Italy. The Emilia-Romagna region is the most affected.

As a result, at least five people have died and 5,000 have had to be evacuated.

Given the disastrous weather conditions, fans are surprised to learn that Springteen’s concert in Ferrara on Thursday (May 18) hasn’t been cancelled.

As of writing, Springsteen and The E Street Band remain scheduled to take the stage at Parco Urbano, with no announcements regarding cancellations or security updates.

The decision to go ahead with the concert has been heavily criticized by fans and ticket holders.

“It will be a disaster to get to Ferrara,” one person wrote on Twitter in Italian. “The organizers have no respect for anyone.”

Another questioned: “Going to the concert with a tragedy in progress a few miles away?”

“Bruce Springsteen, do you know that the Emilia-Romagna region is struggling with devastating floods and landslides? Do you really want to play tomorrow in Ferrara? said a third person. “Even the 2023 Imola GP has been officially cancelled! Take it as an example.”

F1 said canceling the race was “the right and responsible thing to do”.

Someone else on Twitter wrote: “Shocking they’re doing the Springsteen concert in Ferrara tonight anyway,” adding that difficulties with transportation will mean the “Born to Run” singer will perform without an audience.

“Emilia-Romagna is on its knees, but here in Ferrara the Bruce Springsteen concert is about to be cancelled, despite closed roads,” said another.

Talking about transportation difficulties, they asked, “Don’t you think it’s dangerous to take them there with the current conditions? I don’t know.”

the independent has contacted a representative for Bruce Springsteen for comment.

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