The road is covered by a “thick layer” of insects
  • The gag-inducing footage shows the insects circling and falling to the ground.
  • The unidentified critters were seen carpeting the path as locals looked on.

The road is covered by a “thick layer” of insects

This is the unpleasant moment when thousands of white worms fell from the sky, covering the road with a thick layer of insects.

Worms were falling like confetti in a scene of biblical proportions that seemed to have been one of the Plagues of Egypt from the Exodus.

Gagging footage shows the insects circling and floating to the ground in Bihar, an eastern Indian state bordering Nepal, on Tuesday.

The unidentified critters were seen carpeting the path as disturbed locals stared at one while others closed their doors in fear.

It is still unknown what caused the spaghetti-like creatures to rain down, or where the worms came from.

Worms seem to drop in India
Worms float to the ground in Bihar, India

Amid the sickening scenes, many locals closed their storefronts in horror to ward off the miniworm infestation.

Local media reported that no one was injured after the repulsive incident.

This isn’t the first time worm-like creatures have seemed to fall from the sky like some bizarre biblical plague.

In Norway, in 2015, thousands of live earthworms fall from the sky in a rare phenomenon over large swathes of the southern part of the country.

Reports came in from across the region following numerous sightings of worm showers.

Another incident in China’s Liaoning province in March appeared to show what appeared to be earthworms falling from the sky.

Residents were subsequently warned to carry umbrellas for protection from the undulating creatures.

Videos circulated online showing the alleged creepy crawlies covering cars and carpeting the streets.

The images capture the fall of the worms.

After racking up more than 18 million views online, eagle-eyed observers noted that the “rain of worms” likely showed catkins, or flower spikes, from the region’s cottonwoods.

But the Chinese province of Liaoning was also the subject of another biblical scene when a plague of toads was filmed that swarmed along a road and made the ground appear to move.

Leaping by the hundreds, the toads, all relatively small in size, escaped from a nearby lake.

In the short clip, people can be seen trying to dodge the toads as they jump in all directions.

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